Digitisation - texts

Circa can digitise, transcribe and index all types of diaries, letters and other handwritten texts in your collection.


Why digitise handwritten texts?

  • Having a digital copy aids preservation because researchers can access the copy instead of repeatedly handling a fragile historical item.

  • It makes the content more user-friendly for research because the typed text is far easier to read than longhand writing.

  • The subject index can quickly direct researchers to specific themes, dates, events and names.

  • The copy acts as a backup in case the original degrades or is otherwise damaged.

  • The digital copy can be easily shared electronically or published online if deemed appropriate, making the content accessible to a global audience. We can advise on easy and free methods.


We use The Archivist, a device specially designed for digitising historical texts in museum collections. Unlike flatbed scanners, its specialised support cradle prevents damage by avoiding the need to flatten or fully open fragile bound texts.


Circa can give you free advice and assistance with applications for grants to support a digitisation project. Contact us for a free assessment of your handwritten collection items and a quote or project plan. 

Megan Cardamone
Megan Cardamone
Megan Cardamone
Megan Cardamone